This was me around the age of 30

Life was good!


working out

Life was good and I became lazy ... until I hit 140 kilograms
and all Hell broke loose

A few months before my 41st anniversary I ended in A & E, with a life threatening high blood pressure of around 210/160.

After being put on the highest possible dosage of blood pressure medication, I started a decade of hopeless fight with my excess weight!

Hopeless until the end of 2020 when two significant things happened in my life:
first, my partner and I have split;
second, I did open an antiques shop under a Kung-Fu gym.
... and my journey towards a healthy me has commenced !


Having started somewhere between 4 and 3, nowadays I am number 2 above, steadily moving towards number One !!!

The Secret is actually
Public Knowledge


How much weight do you want to loose?

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Weight Loss - a Natural Almost Easy Method
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Also, I will film a series of short videos showing what am I doing and explaining why does it work.

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